Online Advertising for Your Hotel During the Lockdown

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As the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19 continues, little is known about exactly when everyone will be allowed to resume regular life, and even take the holiday they have been dreaming of. But the advertising for your resort should not be deterred by this and here are the reasons why. 
Your Guests Need Escapism More Than Ever

There will be more demands for that holiday once the crisis blows over. So, advertising for your hotel shouldn’t also get locked down. Do come up with a new marketing strategy that is appropriate to the current situation because statistics have shown that 89% of consumers approve of brand advertising which helps people deal with the situation, as opposed to 52% of consumers don’t mind the usual advertising campaign. 
Your competing hotels may pause their ads. 


A lot of businesses stop advertising during uncertain times to save money or think it is not as effective. This means that your competing hotels might give in to the panic and stop advertising altogether. Less ad competition means less expensive ads for your hotel, you will also have a better chance to reach your target audience.

Online advertising is More Effective Right Now

While the majority of the population is stuck at home, they naturally use the internet more than ever. So, your clients are online. This is a great opportunity for you to create a campaign to bring back their attention and even create a two-way communication if your clients have any questions or concerns. This lock-down may just give you the step up to gaining more visibility to your hotel, so roll out the campaign and make the most of the advantages of internet marketing.

The Law of Tellis & Tellis

The law of Tellis & Tellis states that brands that increase advertising during a recession experiences higher sales during or after the recession.  In the 1990-1991 recession, McDonald’s decided to stop advertising while Pizza Hut and Taco Bell capitalised on this by creating campaigns that were appropriately innovative and more prevalent. McDonald’s sales decreased by 18%, while Pizza Hut and Taco Bell had their sales increased by 61% and 40% respectively. Kellogg’s who advertised during the crisis too improved their sales by 30%. During uncertain times like now, it may be tempting to pack in the advertising. On the contrary, the advertising for your hotel should capitalise on the opportunity and be increased instead. This may also help your business recover faster after the crisis is over.


This is, in fact, a great time for advertising a holiday because a lot of people are dreaming about getting away and a relaxing holiday will be more sought after. The right campaign messaging will not only bring you success and attention, but it will also help your clients look forward and put trust in taking the holiday at your hotel. 


If you would like any advice on navigating your content marketing or growing your social channels during this time please email or get in touch here.

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