Luxury Content Marketing Campaigns – The Top Four Takeaways

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It is often the prerogative of any business to learn from their rivals. Everyone has their marketing strategy. And as a business operating in a very competitive industry, the first instinct is to check what your opponents are doing.  
Of course, one of the advantages of looking at the luxury marketing campaigns that competitors create is that you can learn from them. Their strategies and tactics are useful for you to learn and take away helpful tips and tricks for how you should conduct your next campaign. We’ve come up with four different takeaways from campaigns that you can keep in mind.

Video is King


In a world which is, quite frankly, fast-paced and full of exciting moments that leave no room to stop, the average holiday-goer doesn’t want to have to read through pages of text to find out if a hotel is going to be the best bet for them. One thing that we can take away from a lot of luxury marketing campaigns is the video is one of the most critical elements for appealing to a modern audience. A dynamic and informative video combines text and images at a reasonably fast speed and allows you to be able to convey information quickly and succinctly.


Image by Anon

Always Connect With Your Guests

A lot of experienced businesses don’t necessarily go out of their way to implement new content to market, so much as they let customers market for them. You see, a concept called social proof comes into the hotel booking process quite a bit. When people have testimonials from other holidaymakers who have raved about one particular place, they are inspired to go there. The point of the exercise to build connections and let customers enhance your reputation naturally.

Blogs are a Precious Resource

One of the most proficient marketing tools that you can have access to is a blog. This is because the blog serves as a way to connect with customers and expand on what is typically considered to be a very niche topic. If you had a blog, then you could establish yourself as an expert in the industry while at the same time giving people valuable advice.

Image by Patrick Fore

Feedback Forms

Image by Alvaro Sarrano

When you want to connect with customers and seem like an agreeable business, feedback forms are a good idea. A lot of companies use them in their content marketing strategies, and you can do so too to get the best possible reactions from people. Ask them what they want to see in their next experience, implement it and watch satisfaction go up.


To summarise, these are four of the best takeaways that you can have from the content marketing strategies of your rivals. They may seem like obvious things now, but they’ve worked out well for a lot of businesses and they will benefit you too. All you need to do is make sure that you are focusing on the needs of the customer throughout – relevant blogs, feedback forms etc, and then tailoring your content to suit.


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