INSTAGRAM : 5 Tips for Major Growth

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With more than 800 million monthly users, Instagram is the place to be. We all know this but how do you actually get noticed on Instagram? And how do you utilise this platform to grow your business or brand? Here are 5 tips to help you up your insta game without posting just for the sake of it.


1. Be authentic


This sounds fairly obvious but many businesses and brands still create and post content just for the sake of posting, with no clear message, theme or purpose. One rule to live by is never to post anything that doesn’t excite you or deliver your key message. If you are bored, you will appear boring. If you don’t believe in your content, your audience won’t either.


Image by Jan Traid

2. What’s your niche?


What makes you stand out? What makes you different to your competition? If you are posting in a niche that already has thousands of influencers or content, strip it back to something unique and make sure this thread runs through each of your posts.


“Without strategy, content is just stuff.  The world has enough stuff.”


3. Content map


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Creating content just because you need to? Don’t have a clear direction? Content map to create content around your objectives and each stage of your customers journey. Create personas so you know exactly who you are creating content for.


4. Engage


Image by Victoriano Izquierdo

If you know who will be interested in what your offering, go and engage with them! Like, comment, follow with genuine accounts who would be interested in your content. Remember to adhere to Instagrams limits, do not spam and be authentic.


5. Analyse and react


Once you have followed points 1-4, check on how you’re doing every month, see whats working, what isn’t and react by continuing to do what is!


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