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5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 You Can’t Ignore

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It’s 2019 (where has the time gone?) and for many businesses that means getting organised and deciding on objectives for the year to come. It’s very easy not to evaluate what has been working for your business and what hasn’t, but this leads to lack of progression, frustration and a digital brand that just stays still.
The key to any successful digital branding presence and to keep moving forward is to always be evolving. The digital  landscape is constantly changing, but to stay ahead of the game and give yourself a good head start we’ve delved into the key 5 digital marketing trends from industry insights which will prove to be the stand-out topics in 2019.


1. Authenticity & trust


In 2018, social media trust was at 41% globally*. This figure ranges from data, through to advertising, with only 47% believing points of view that appear near a brand’s advertising and marketing.

This shows consumers are growing tired of advertising in the traditional sense, leaving distrust for the brand and also the platform. Businesses need to provide real authenticity and build connections in order to gain trust. This will become more prevalent in 2019; brands will need to find real meaning and unique ways to engage with their audience to show a human side.


Image by Emily Morter

2. Omni-channel marketing


So this may be the buzz word of the moment but it’s something that marketers have been doing for some time and describes creating a seamless experience for your customer. This is about understanding their customer journey, from awareness, through to decision making and understanding the different online platforms they move through to get to the that end state. An example would be a client who finds your company online, goes to your website then moves you a social media platform then back to the website and then emails your company. Do each of these touchpoints for your brand currently offer value for the correct stage of your customers journey?


Image by Scott Webb


3. Hyper-personalized segmentation


Image by Rioji Iwata

As social ads become increasingly popular due to their very low cost, alongside a mass of content creation for brands. The key in 2019 will be creating different ad sets for very targeted segmentations within their demographic. Speaking to their customer in a way that is far more targeted with content sets being created just for them across lots of mini segments.


4. Quality

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

With an massive expanse of content online today and 74%** of companies finding that lead quality and quantity increased with introducing a content marketing strategy, for your brand to really stand out – quality is key. No longer can brands put out uninspiring content with weak copy just for the sake of flooding a platform to gain exposure. Consumers attention is growing harder to achieve. Less content but delivered with purpose and well-thought out for their customer’s needs will win the day and have more of an impact than content that has no clear focus, boring or uninspired.


5. Platform first


With so many platforms, brands in the past have wanted to be everywhere at all times. Sending out mediocre content just for the sake of having a presence on a particular social media site. As targeting becomes more segmented so will companies’ choice of online homes. Understanding the core demographic of every platform is key.




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